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look, someone's still up...

Most people seem to have gone to bed already but a single window has still got the light on. The backdrop is of course Globen. Per has already done an extensive series on it but I thought this one might have a place too.

.Nattugglor vakna vid Globen?


Per Stromsjo said...

Most appropriate! It's a moody sphere, shifting colours back and forth. It was about time we revisited this one.

Peter F said...

The Globen was in the news today as they had an OK for "gondolas on the outside" as shown on this image from the architects (tif format). I think the ride would take 10 minutes (including a stand still on top - 88 meters up). That's quite cool.

And oh, I like your photo Bernt! Old and new.

Pia K said...

Lovely pic! Like the purple shades a lot.

Oh I saw that too, sounds like a real must to be travel with that kind of gondola - in the Venice of the North:)

Talking about on top of the world-news in Stockholm, how about that restaurant due on top of old Skatteskrapan? Sounds amazing!

Peter F said...

Pia: When things cool down a bit I will definitely visit the new sky bar at Skatteskrapan.

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