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a look in the mirror

Skansen 4

Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum. It is spread out over a 30 hectare area of the island of Djurgården within the city limits.


Per Stromsjo said...

I should spend some time rediscovering Skansen. To me it's always been one of those places you had to visit in school and if you must do something, how fun can it be? Skansen is a treasure and you're certainly making that point. A good campaign for a star attraction.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Smart idea! I like the mirror photo.

Is that a motorcycle mirror??

Chris said...

What great composition in your photo!

Peter F said...

Ming (tm): No, it's a larger mirror used in concealed crossings - maybe two feet in diameter.

Thanks all!

Stefan Jansson said...

Fun shot with the mirror. I never miss an opportunity like that. I haven't been to Skansen for a few decades.

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