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dove hunter

Hötorget 4
At least one person trying to deal with the problem of too many birds in one place


Per Stromsjo said...

Vigorously hunting, no doubt.

Reminds me of another approach in the very same place, significantly less charming and painfully displayed by Bernt earlier this year.

Pia K said...

And why, oh why did I have a look at that other post...:(

lena said...

The same for me::-((.

Per Stromsjo said...

Reality isn't always a pretty sight, I do agree. I was struck by the fact that we had the same topic covered by two persons in the very same spot, only a couple of days apart and in so dramatically different ways.

Bernt Seipl said...

Pia and Lena: It was with the utmost sadness I once again marvelled over how cruel people can be, just for pleasure. The picture has turned up in other places too. I have a friend who asked if he could use it in a community that he was attached to, and it stirred up some feelings there too.

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