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what an ass

Or is it a donkey? I don't remember. It's huge anyway and it's not supposed to sit there. On the other hand, neither is the green monster. Then again - since the house they're sitting on is a movie theatre, perhaps it's natural anyway. The fountain on the left, yes - we have seen it before and the skyscrapers as well. For those who haven't already guessed it, we're back at the Haymarket.
Skräcken griper tag i oss - eller var det Shrek'en. De kan möjligen se lite malplacerade ut, men det känns på något sätt ändå lite naturligt. Det är inte de första stora figurerna som sitter just på det taket. Filmstaden vid Hötorget brukar ju då och då slänga upp figurer där.


lena said...

Thankyou Bernt.
When I saw them in reality I thought my mind was wrong in some way, but now I believe my brains´ health is good, you saw it too and you gave this photographical proof.

Bernt Seipl said...

I'm always surprised over these large figures that have a tendency to show up in places where you expect them the least.

Cliff Hanger said...

Talking about ass, I must recommend this funny picture to you:

Bernt Seipl said...

Yeah, that was a bit funny actually. Wonder if they transport asses or just picked kinda bad name.

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