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The Visitors

Suddenly something is huffing and puffing outside my window. I have visitors. A close encounter with beings from the other side of town!

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Upp flyger vi, upp
Med hela vårt mod
Ner tittar vi, ner
Över hela vår jord

(Björn Anders-Andersson, en låt med Shanes 1992)


Kelli K said...

see my site -- previous post -- same thing happens to me!

Z said...

They do make a lot of racket... I saw one being started from the unpacking stage. I'd love to take a ride in one of those things, but they're sort of expensive and I can think of 10 other things to go with the money first. :-)

Peter F said...

Kelli K: What? Where? I fail to spot the "same thing".

lv2scpbk said...

I got to ride in a hot air balloon several years ago and I loved it.

Per Stromsjo said...

I suppose it's a nice and quiet experience except once in a while when that flame goes on. I might find it difficult to fully appreciate the 'fire overhead' concept.

Thanks for commenting.

Peter F said...

Per: I'm not sure I would enjoy a fire under me more ...

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