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Summer Night City (9)

The World Trade Center by Klarabergsviadukten claims to be the world’s meeting place. Sort of a contradiction since there are about 300 similar centres around the world. It’s the next-door neighbour of our Central Station in the very heart of the city. Or, as they put it, only 20 minutes from the airport. It’s all a matter of perspective,
I suppose. Been here before.
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En häftig byggnad är det, hursomhelst


lena said...

Very beautiful, as made of gold.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I flew MAS from Kuala Lumpur to Newark, via Stockholm. We only stayed in the airport for 2 hours for refuel but based on what I see at the airport, Stockholm looks quite beautiful.

I saw some advertisements for a high speed train from the airport to downtown Stockholm in 20 minutes.

Per Stromsjo said...

That road sign in the foreground is sort of irritating but otherwise I agree, Lena. I like this one.

Oh Ming(tm), how could you leave us after two hours!? ;) Well I’m glad you’re back safe and sound from that long trip of yours. And you’re right about that high speed train connection; it takes twenty minutes and is quite popular but has been criticized for being excessively expensive. A one-way ticket costs roughly 30 USD.

Thanks, both, for commenting.

Z said...

Your comment about the "best in" type claims made me smile. We have fun over here with labels such as "biggest stained glass window in the world, with a profile of a calico cat in a church with oak pews painted black". There's superlative in everything.

Thanks for the comment on my grey photo. I rather like that one too, though as a city blog post, it doesn't convey too much information.

And wouldn't you, just a teensy bit, like to remove the road sign using Photoshop? :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

And among of those superlatives there has to be one which is the most “superlativeous” of them all, right Z?

Apparently I was able to resist the 'shopping' temptation but if the sign had blocked the view of “my” blue sky, who knows what might have happened… ;)

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