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Raspberry Mountains

Raspberries with whipped cream is my unrivalled favourite among desserts. It brings back memories of summers gone by, people I miss dearly and those small in-between-moments where time stands still and I’m a kid again.
Hallonbergen (”Raspberry Mountains”) is a suburb in the municipality Sundbyberg, immediately west of Stockholm.
I Hallonbergen startar landets enda nedlagda (!) t-bane-sträcka


Fredrik Ekblad said...

Raspberry is also a favourite of mine!
Thanks for a nice meeting in Stockholm. I'll sure remember the breadbasket!
(The restaurant we visited served us a breadbasket big as a pizzaplate, but the bread was microscopic!)

Pia K said...

The basically one thing I always demanded, and got, on my birthday mornings as a child was raspberries and whipped cream - I still grunt in discontent if I don't get it on my birthdays now. But I guess it's kind of ok if your birthday-requests are as simple to meet as that...:)

A pity that Hallonbergen in charm-qualities doesn't live up to its lovely name...

Stefan Jansson said...

That's a very groovy Translation. Here's another one. Heavy Electric Town.

Bernt Seipl said...

Pia k: Oh, I think you're being a bit unfair here. Per also said that if you find something nice here - let me know....I think I did....just wait and see

Per Stromsjo said...

Nice meeting you too, Fredrik. I’m planning a visit to Scania (including Ystad in particular) before the end of October, as a matter of fact.

Pia: That is certainly a basic birthday request! I’m sure that Hallonbergen also has its hidden qualities.

Yo Stefan! That’s heavy, man. Tung-el-sta. Talk about groovy! ;)

Good point, Bernt. As a matter of fact we had the same discussion (with opposite roles) regarding a different suburb a while ago.

Thanks, all!

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