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nothing to hide (2)

These lamps provide enlightenment among the customers of the shopping mall Kista Galleria. Is it just me or do they look like
a pair of huge eyes?
Rödluvan: Men mormor, varför har du så stora ögon?
"Mormor": Det är bara för att jag skall se dig bättre, mitt barn.
(Bröderna Grimm)


Strangetastes said...

Cool pic. If they are eyes, they are segmented insect eyes. It made me think of a pair of photographic strobe light umbrellas pushed together. Are you doing a Rorschach test on us?


Ming_the_Merciless said...

At first, I thought it was a circus tent. :-)

It's quite amazing! I love the clean lines and color.

MckeZ said...

Hej Per

Snygg bild


Per Stromsjo said...

My reference to Little Red Riding Hood was sort of lost in translation but these eyes/lamps are really big. Strobe light umbrellas? Circus tent? Good to see that we have some imagination.

Strangetastes: I don’t think I’ve ever done one myself but according to some a Rorschach test is supposed to reveal a lot about our inner lives, personality characteristics and emotional functioning. I guess it’s all in the inkblots...

Ming_the_Merciless: Abstract always gets me going!

MckeZ: Jag bugar… :)

Thanks, all, for commenting.

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