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Nordic Light Open

Stadion has been an Olympic venue twice. It was inaugurated for the summer games of 1912 and in 1956 Stockholm filled in hosting the horse competitions instead of Melbourne. Nowadays it’s mostly used for first league football games and
an occasional athletics event.
This week marks the sixth annual Nordic Light Open tennis tournament. It is in fact the only WTA championship in the region. See more?
Not far away is a metro station and a tower-to-be.
Högklassigt spel och perfekt väder. Dock inget läktarvåld och inga
kravallpoliser, på tal om en del annan aktuell sport i stan...


Meg in Nelson said...

Sounds almost romantic, guys. Just the other day, I saw a building in Stockholm on the TV - I was going to write down which one it was so I could search your blog - I can't remember what it was now but it was a very old building used for a modern purpose and the combination of the old appearance and the new use sounded attractive. Oh well, maybe next time.

Z said...

Have any of you attended any games/events there? From the name of the tournament (Nordic Light), I would guess the games go on into the wee hours. Is that right?

Per Stromsjo said...

Old building for a modern purpose, you have me curious now Meg. Wish I could help you on that one. The stadium is really a particular story; we might come back to that.

Z: I spent Tuesday night catching some photos (including this one) and watching a couple of good games in the first round of this women’s tournament. To be perfectly honest, I should really have visited several times before this year since my favourite football team (I'm not much for sports but I've managed to pick a team at least) was promoted to our first division which took everyone by surprise. Their regular arena had to be renovated and seating capacity increased in a hurry so here’s where they had to play their first "home games" while all that was fixed at home…

You can read about the tennis tournament here.

Thanks for commenting!

Per Stromsjo said...

They’re not playing odd hours as far as I know. I happened to stumble over the answer to your question, Z. A fairly well-known left-handed American guy (also former #1 singles player in the world) and notorious for his temper is said to have visited Stockholm in 1999. He was jetlagged and generally pissed-off, hadn’t slept at all during the night and upon entering the hotel lobby he uttered “what’s up with this f-ing Nordic light?”. That very phrase was remembered and partially recycled when this tournament was started a couple of years later... :)

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