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no camera shutters

I suppose these shutters have been closed for a long time. I've wandered past them many times, but this particular day I finally saw them too. The shadows made them look great. I just had to stop. This is taken in Kocksgränd (Chef's alley), very close to the mall called Gallerian.

Konstigt hur man kan passera ett motiv hur många gånger som helst utan att riktigt se det. Plötsligt så är det något som skiljer mot den vardagliga synen, i detta fall var det ljuset som föll annorlunda än när jag brukar gå förbi - och pang, där är bilden. Jag hade egentligen inte tid att stanna, men jag blev tvungen att ta mig tid.


lena said...

Really near Gallerian?
I have never seen them, I´m a Stockholmer without good eyes, I think.
I will take a walk there.

Per Stromsjo said...

I can only agree. Been there, seen nothing. Good shot.

Bernt Seipl said...

Told you so ;-)
They've been there all along....
If you go out from Gallerian heading for a lunch at McDonalds and decide to keep on going into the alley instead, right between Hästens and McDonalds. Go all the way down and look on your left side. Heureeka!

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