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from above

Since a while back it's possible to climb up the roof of the old parliament building at Riddarholmen and spend an hour or so watching over the roofs of Stockholm, while a guide is telling you a little about the stuff that is a little higher than this roof (among other things). The building is said to be 43 m high. This lonely (?) person might be about 42 m below us; I didn't care to count that exactly. .
.Inget för höjdrädda men en trevlig timme för den som vågar sig upp på taket till gamla Riksdagshuset. För en rimlig peng kan man få sig en guidad tur. Om vädret är bra är det naturligtvis roligast.


lena said...

You are brave!

Pia K said...

Oh my, that must have given quite a bit of a tingling sensation in the legs and feet!

Another place well-worth a visit to see things from above is Högalidskyrkan. I did that some years ago and it was quite the experience! Only available in May and June though.

Per Stromsjo said...

Summer seems to be the time for climbing roofs, eh?

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