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did you bring the evening paper...?

Aftonbladet used to be an evening-paper until a few years ago. A common comment when someone was late in the morning was "Did you buy Aftonbladet on your way....?". Today the same comment would go by without anyone reacting at all, since we only have morning-papers.


Meg in Nelson said...

I hate to get started on one of my pet peeves, but most of the newspapers in NZ are owned by either Fairfax or APN, both foreign owners. To cut costs, they've gotten rid of a lot of the regional/local reporting and started sharing newspapers, so they all look similar and have the same words!!! No more comparing newspaper articles to find out more about one incident/story. And of course physical paper circulation is going down as more readers prefer the paper on the Internet - but articles on the net are short and boring and there's no detail.

Newspapers over here are absolutely no fun any more!!!

Peter F said...

One great newspaper for one great world? Nah, I agree with you Meg! The media in Sweden are owned by a few families or groups but I think it's the same all-over anyway. And mostly from an American angle or view. If it weren't for you I would be uncertain if NZ existed at all!

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