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"Initially, alcohol generally produces feelings of relaxation and cheerfulness, but further consumption can lead to blurred vision and coordination problems." (Wikipedia)
If your balance is temporarily below par, don’t blame Västra skogen (“the Western Forest”) subway station. It will provide a rock-solid foundation after any night on the town.

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Tänk på avståndet mellan Hallonbergen och Näckrosen!


Emily Lin said...

I bet the subway will look exactly like that after I got drunk.

Interesting shot. Were you drunk when you shot this photo? :p

Susan said...

I love those green tiles. This would have been boring if it hadnt blurred. Sometimes, an OOPS is a photographers friend.

Peter Fristedt said...

Emilyn: Strangely enough Per went to the country after posting this. It may be due to bad memories (or lack of memory).

Susan: How I do agree with you!

Per Stromsjo said...

In the words of good old Arnold – I’m back! ;)

Thought I might as well look after the countryside for a while but the prospect of being off-line for more than 24 hours sounds real frightening, doesn’t it?

Emily Lin: Was I drunk? I’m afraid not. Half the town was, I suppose, because this was on Midsummer’s Day when all of Sweden has some sort of collective hang-over.

Susan is absolutely right, it was a major ”ops”. I tried to position the camera steadily for a long exposure but – as you can see – it wasn’t very steady at all and in fact started tipping over while shooting. The result was surprisingly good IMHO.

I think Peter and I have predominantly positive memories from this very day. We strolled the town for sights and sounds and he also accomplished a major subway research task.

Thanks all for commenting!

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