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Summer Night City (6)

Swedish is surprisingly easy to learn. At least for a Swede! ;)
Centralstation, for instance, means just what you’d expect. The logo sign SJ represents the state-run railroad company. It used to be a monopoly and it used to be subsidized. No more of that.
Our railroads haven’t been entirely deregulated yet
but we’re getting there.
Den här entrén mot Klarabergsviadukten känns nästan lite kaxig.
Tåget behöver tagga upp.


Peter Fristedt said...

Ah, nice shot and a surprising link! I like the lines and the bow. SL stands for Stockholm local transport (commuter trains, trams, subways and buses).

Swedish may be easy to learn sometimes, but when you come to words like ecklesiastikminister it's not that fun anymore.

Let me enlighten you: Ecklesiastik comes from the Greek/Latin word Ecclesia which means Church. So, basically it is the minister of the church who, I guess, is called "Minister of the church" and primarily answers to the title "Minister of culture".

Coltrane_lives said...

Cool photo...all the way around. BTW I'm still looking for Bjorn Borg. Have you seen him? :-)

inspired said...

ice kool shot just like Borg

Per Stromsjo said...

Ecklesiastik is not a verbal picnic, Peter is right.

Nope, Borg and I probably move in very different circles. For instance, I’m not sure how often he would find reason to use our commuter trains. Fortunately he can watch the Central Station right here on pixels!

Thanks, all of you.

GMG said...

Nice shots! Are you getting better service with the railway «deregulation»? In England it seems they got some accidents...

Z said...

How's the deregulation working out in your view?

Per Stromsjo said...

As far as I’m concerned the service is a lot better than it used to be. I have made several long train journeys across Europe, involving a number of different state-run rail monopolies, and in that comparison SJ is looking real good. To make all of this happen they have deliberately focused on profitable segments (the business travellers) which has driven product development. We wouldn’t have had wireless internet, fresh food and modern cars if it weren’t for the business people. The rest of us can still book cheap tickets if we’re able to plan ahead. Just like with air travel, those who can pick less attractive connections and book way ahead get the best deals. So yes, I think so far we're better off by deregulating. The safety record for rail travel in Sweden has been excellent over the years and I don't expect that to change.

Thanks, GMG and Z for asking.

Andrea Gerak said...

What an angle to shot this, bravo!

Yes, Swedish is incredibly easy to learn - supposed you know English and/or German. With these two I can figure out pretty easily what is what.

And if you are Hungarian on top of this, you have incredible fun with Swedish, because there are lots of words that mean something completely different. Like:

kaka: cake in Swedish - shit in Hungarian
kurva: curve in Swedish - whore in Hungarian
fika: a light coffee and pastry meal in Swedish - snot in Hungarian

So when I go shopping to Kungens Kurva and have a chokladkaka for fika... :-DDD
kurva (curve in Swedish)

Per Stromsjo said...

:D However dare those diplomats open their mouths? Whatever they say it could turn out dreadfully wrong in the ears of someone. Languages are fun. Joking aside, I’m not sure I’d agree actually that Swedish is so simple but I was born here so I couldn’t tell anyway.

Thanks for your comment, Andrea. Regarding the perspective, there is a mailbox perfectly located for this very shot. Most considerate of Swedish Posten. I never carry a tripod. Too lazy!

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