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sing-along is prohibited

Once you've passed these doors, it's not a good decision to sing with the artists. I suspect they don't even want to be called artists. Performers is probably better. This is one of the doors to the Royal Swedish Opera at Gustaf Adolfs Torg.
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.En imponerande ornamenterad dörr leder in till "öfre och nedre tredje raden" på Operan. Gissningsvis blir man utkastad genom densamma rätt snabbt, om man själv upphäver sin stämma i "allsång på operan" :-)


Kate said...

I've checked the daily photo bloggers today to be able to tell those of you in Sweden how sorry I am about the death of Ingmar Bergman. I did so enjoy so many of his movies. I googled his biography; whew! much achievement in addition to 4 wives and 9 children. l He was indeed a busy man!

Per Stromsjo said...

Kate: Thanks. I’m not much of a cineaste so I wouldn’t be able to comment on Bergman’s achievements but there are very few Swedes who are well-known and appreciated wherever you go on this planet and he was certainly one of them.

Bernt: In fairness I think the artists at the Opera are hard working professionals and mostly down-to-earth people. I wish I could say the same about some of the audience behind that door but I can’t so I won’t... ;)

lena said...

This is something to talk about in Sweden,too; all the women, the wifes and the children. You can read about the children, they all meet in Fårö, the north of Gotland, every summer and feel like sisters and brothers of one family, all of them together.A nice way to be one family for them...
One of the most interesting books I have read is the diary written by Ingmars´mother Karin. About her struggling life and all her worries for her son...
Love Lena in Stockholm

Meg in Nelson said...

4 wives? You mean, he didn't work it out after the first 3?

Z said...

Re: Bergman, I thought of this blog as well when I read the news. Upon reading his obit, I was amused/bemused to hear that he himself stated later in life that he couldn't watch his own films because they made him depressed. Certainly, I haven't been able to watch any more since "Best Intentions."

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