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invisible in Vällingby

The aesthetics of multi-storey buildings have been questioned. Here’s a novel approach. Using space age technology the entire house can be made transparent. No more complaints from passers-by! Or from us drive-by-bloggers. You can already see some blue sky through this building by Skattegårdsvägen in Vällingby.
The method is still at an experimental stage.
Fasaden höll på att ge upp alldeles på dessa halvsekelgamla höghus


GMG said...

If you can see the sky through the building, does it mean that you may also see what's going on on the upper floor?...

Z said...

I love coming here for your kooky takes.

Per Stromsjo said...

GMG: Unfortunately, at this experimental stage, all the interesting stuff becomes transparent as well. I hope someone is working on improving this!

Z: Thanks!


Most welcome, both of you.

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