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escalating in Vällingby

-Our shopping mall is bigger than yours!
-But ours is fancier!
-Well ours offers free parking!
-Ok, but ours has cost more!!
-You win.

...i loppet som vi springer
finns det ingen som vinner...
(Mauro Scocco, hela texten här)


Coltrane_lives said...

Enjoyable as always!

Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, we don't have a mall at all!!

Z said...

Hehe! Parking costs is an odd thing here. Maybe because I can't read enough German and don't have enough interest to read through city building codes. There are some shopping centers which don't charge anything, but then others that do. In fact, in our area Ikea moved to shiny new digs recently (trivia: the old one was apparently the first one outside Scandinavia) and started charging for parking which has made a lot of people upset. Me, I don't care so much.

Per Stromsjo said...

Oh Meg, how in the world can you survive and prosper without a shopping mall? I’ve been told they are the quintessence of civilisation as we know it! ;)

Coltrane_lives: I suppose the result is slightly varying but we do our best…

Z: Interesting update on local parking conditions. I don’t care much either but I think there are two arguments for charging. It increases the chance that there is a free spot available when you need it. Those who park carry the cost and not just all shoppers – including environmentally responsible citizens who use public transportation and don’t park at all.

Thanks all for commenting!

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