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This is Kungshuset. Which means The King’s House. Which means The Castle (Slottet). This is not Slottet. I give up.
Notice the robust, prehistoric, environmentally friendly
air conditioning facilities. See more?
En rolig sak så här års är alla gäspande markiser.
Vi följer upp Bernts studie i trängsel.


lv2scpbk said...

The zig zag lines on this building look great.

Z said...

You're referring to the awnings and to the windows that can be opened (unlike those in most US high-rises!), I assume. I think the idea of "green" buildings is catching on in the US, slowly, but at least it's being thought about.

inspired said...

A house fit for a king ;o]

Per Stromsjo said...

I was absorbed by that zig zag pattern for quite a while. Still not sure I got it the way I wanted to, lv2scpbk.

z: I’m sure they have conventional AC in Kungshuset as well. It’s a baseline standard these days for office premises and the climate isn’t getting any kinder to us although this particular week is sort of coolish.

inspired: Thanks, finally a plausible explanation for that name! ;)

Thanks, all of you.

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