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hatched by now ?

. Couldn't resist this one. It's the Parliament house in the background and from last year actually. Probably part of some art exhibition. If not - what kind of bird might lay these eggs? Ostrich perhaps but I doubt they would get up in that nest. Maybe it's some pre-historic bird? Anyway they're gone now.
Wonder what became of them...
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De här äggen fanns att beskåda rätt länge förra året.
Undrar om de någonsin kläcktes och vad som kröp ut?


Per Stromsjo said...

This reminds me of something.

Mia said...

Cool picture;-)

Meg in Nelson said...

So, is this real, or an art installation? Or did someone forget a giant bra on top of a pillar?

Bernt Seipl said...

meg: A giant bra....? Wonder why I didn't get that thought myself - being a man...
No, I think it was part of an art installation.

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