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Trojan horse ?

Let's hope not, but you never know. It's big enough though.
Standing at Solvalla, a horse track outside of Stockholm.
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Kanske inte en trojansk häst men stor nog så man kan inte så noga veta.
Nu har den i och för sig stått vid Solvalla rätt länge.
En här i magen hade nog svultit ihjäl för länge sedan.


Per Stromsjo said...

Good that we finally got that one. It’s huge and not only visible but unavoidable for those driving by. Great colours!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I would have guessed it is made of wood. I might be wrong.

I got to fly last night. I mean I just dove in and flew. You can find out how on my blog post today.

Peter Fristedt said...

If I remember correctly, this wooden (yes, Abraham) horse was made for the World Equestrian Games held 1990 in Stockholm. After the games it was moved to Solvalla (in the outskirts), the largest harness racing track in the Nordic counties.

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