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resting bike

A kick bike is also a resting bike if you like.
Mind you, it's not snow in the background
even though this is Stockholm in spring.


Per Stromsjo said...

The guy looks a bit like one of our recently elected new MP’s. Nah, a bit older but anyhow. He seems to have found a cool posture. What are the odds that we’ll see yet another glimpse of snow before summer?

lv2scpbk said...

I thought it was a small fold-up chair he carries around at first until I looked further. As long as the wheels don't move, I guess he'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Interesting name "Kick Bike." We call them "Scooters" or most do. THere might be other names too that I am not aware of.

I think your photo captured the moment.

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