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always open

Window shopping by Centralvägen in Upplands Väsby.
Many shops in Sweden are open seven days a week.
Once upon a time we had laws regulating those matters.


RamblingRound said...

Great reflections, both on camera and in your text! It used to be that way here, too.

Anonymous said...

I think the reflections are very nice.

I have celebrated this day, Mother's Day in my country, with a magazine cover for my wife. I hope you can see it.

Z said...

Most shops are definitely closed on Sundays in Switzerland. In two years, I've gotten accustomed to it and wonder what it is I needed to go shopping on Sundays for, when I lived in the US. :-)

Andrea Gerak said...

I am used to that life doesn't stop on the weekends, so in Switzerland I did have a problem with closed shops...

Nice pic, BTW!

Per Stromsjo said...

Thanks, all of you!

There’s no turning back of course but the unions are still grumbling about unpleasant working hours and safety for members working (more or less) alone at late hours. I can understand the safety aspect but that should really be a police matter and not a reason to close shops indiscriminately.

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