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writing my sailor

I don't know what the girl was doing. Writing a love letter to her sailor
or just doing her homework. Well, we will never know.


Per Stromsjo said...

Does anyone write love letters anymore? It’s all flimsy electronic stuff these days. I’d vote for Stefan’s ancient approach from April 2.

Gerald England said...

Could only just make her out even when I clicked for the enlargement.

Homework maybe, but possibly she is making a sketch of the boat.

Dsole said...

homework! this doesn'e seem to be the right place for that... ;)
I'd love the love letter story more... I'm in a romantic mood today I guess!
But it's a great and lucky photo indeed :)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Maybe she's enjoying the sunshine and outdoor air. :-)

I have never written a love letter in my life. I use the phone or via e-mail. I know, I'm such a romantic guy.

Z said...

Maybe she's trying to get a macro shot of something -- I hate to think that someone might have photographed me while I've been crawling around on the ground! :-)

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