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what's going on ?

Apparently there are marine-archaeological investigations being made here. They have found at least one old wreck on the site where the new "Söderströmtunneln" (a railway tunnel) is going to be built. Now they're searching the bottom for more interesting things. This view is from a restaurant called "Matkalaset".

Jag trodde man var i full färd med att bygga ny tunnel redan, men det är tydligen marinarkeologiska utgrävningar som pågår, efter att man hittat ett gammalt vrak på platsen. Senare ska detta bli "Sveriges största grop" enligt vissa källor. Undrar just hur man kommer att se det...?


Per Stromsjo said...

Tunnels are interesting. Creating them can be immensely complex. I spent this afternoon visiting a fascinating exhibition about constructing twin-track tunnels through Hallandsås. A geological challenge, to put it mildly.

TeamSplashi said...

Great photos on your blog.lika till!on your work

Z said...

Oooh, we got tunnels here, though not in my direct neighborhood, no! I find them fascinating as well, and a little scary if I *really* think about them when I'm inside one that takes many minutes to get through.

I guess these finds will delay the construction of the Söderströmtunneln?

Per Stromsjo said...

I guess there is sufficient time allocated within the project to allow for archaeology when necessary. There is a major effort under way to finally upgrade the twin-track rail line through the city which was built in the 1870's. Needless to say, it is nowhere near sufficient for the 21st century.

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