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not your average hangover (2)

Ever had one of those days? Head feels like it’s been misbehaving recently although you can’t seem to recall any details. A cluster of pneumatic drills are working overtime renovating something
inside your ears. Even the colors seem oddly tilted.
And that sun, can’t anyone turn it off for a while please!
Must have been something in the coffee.
Mind your head!
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...och vem tusan har vänt Klara Västra Kyrkogata?


Peter Fristedt said...

27 March was a good day for photography. Two perfect ones: this one and this one at Plenty.

Dsole said...

yes, I had this feeling a lot of times.... most of the times after a wild night!! ;)

Per Stromsjo said...

peter: Thanks. It was one of those very first generously warm afternoons. I suppose that didn’t hurt. I like to think that all seasons are inspiring but even I will have to admit that things are simpler when you can stroll around for hours without having your fingers subject to semi-permafrost.

dsole: You mean after a night of intense blogging? ;)

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