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duck surprise

- If you don't like duck, you're rather stuck
In all fairness, Östermalms Saluhall provides more delicatessen
than you and I could think of. Including duck, of course,
at B Andersson's. With or without orange or cherry.
Twenty stalls, restaurants and cafes - this food hall
by the Östermalm Square is an institution.
- Duck with Orange; duck with cherries; duck surprise
- What's duck surprise?
- Er... that's duck without oranges or cherries

(quotes from Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth, 1975)
Anka, gås, tjäder, orre, fasan, kalkon, majskyckling, duva, ripa och and hör självklart till kostcirkeln hos Fågel & Viltspecialisten B Anderssons eftr


Z said...

It looks quite nice. Is it a mix of self-serve and sit-down-and-be-served? Do you go there often? If so, what do you get?

Peter Fristedt said...

Where's the duck? I can see a moose (elk) and - yes! - the duck is the guy in red?! No, maybe not.

Anyways, Östermalmshallen has been an asset for Stockholm’s many lovers of good food since 1888. I would say it's not very "sit-down-and-be-served", but you'll get decent lunches and coffies in the market place. It used to house a very good Indian restaurant on first floor but it's closed nowadays I think.

Per Stromsjo said...

It is nice. I used to be a frequent veggie-luncher here ages ago.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

It looks like a nice place to shop for food. Do they give provide little pieces of food for tasting?

I saw the photo of your house. It is a BIG house!!

Per Stromsjo said...

Providing samples for tasting shouldn't be any problem. These are twenty different stalls run by different people but I imagine there's a bit of a common policy among them.

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