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an ancient blogger

A thousand years ago, during the Iron Age, blogging wasn't as easy as today. First you needed a hammer, a chisel and a giant stone or a rock. Then a couple of months later when you finished writing, you had to distribute it... This stone is located at Jarlabankes bridge in Täby. The area is famous for its population of rune stones.
"Jarlabanke lät resa dessa stenar efter sig, medan han ännu levde, och han gjorde denna bro för sin själ, och ensam ägde han hela Täby.
Gud hjälpe hans själ."


Per Stromsjo said...

Just imagine failing to run the spellchecker properly!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Or trying to write the URL for the link to the artist's inspiration.

Bernt Seipl said...

Not to mention the question about how up to date the message would be by the time it was finished ;-)

Meg in Nelson said...

And then did they dye the grooves? I wonder what it says!

Stefan said...

At least the messages lasts, the stones are from the 11th century. The text says "Jarlabanki had these stones raised in memory of himself while alive, and made this bridge for his spirit, and (he) alone owned all of Tábýr. May God help his spirit."

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