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almost fair - final

I've got so many of these fantastic colored fountain-pictures that it makes it really hard to choose only one. I'm gonna put a bunch of them on my Webshots page. This is just a taste of what it can look like. It's changing all of the time. Red, blue and lilac in different patterns. High and low, in pairs or all at the same time. Sometimes just puffs of smoke. I'm in love with this fountain. I could sit there forever and just look... sigh...
Så där, då är vi tillbaka till favoritfontänen vid Älvsjömässan för ett sista (?) avsnitt. Jag skulle i och för sig kunna hålla på länge än men dels har ni nu fått smakprover på den och dels så börjar det nu bli ljust ute och fontänen stängs av vid 21:00 så det blir inte samma färgspel längre. Jag kommer att lägga ut ett gäng bilder på min Webshot-sida. Kika gärna vidare där.


Per Stromsjo said...

I’m not familiar with the background here but it seems like a brilliant marketing move. How can you differentiate something as basic as a vanilla hotel? Answer: find a unique attraction and marketing will take care of itself.

You’ve certainly seized our attention and imagination, Bernt!

Dsole said...

Cool pic Bernt!
I love the effect... how can water seems to be fire? you make it! :)

kris said...

why sigh? a great photo subject for you. It is Gorgeous!

Bernt Seipl said...

Per: I don't think every hotel can benefit the way this one does right now ;-)

dsole: The lights underneath makes wonders. Clearly you can see why I like to spend the evenings here ?

kris: Sigh, because the darkness is leaving. I'll have to wait until fall to get the colours again. The fountain closes at 9PM and it's soon gonna be daylight still at that time. But I'll be back - rest assured..

Z said...

My favorite photo of the lot is 7624. I know, pretty much the most boring one.

Bernt Seipl said...

Nope, definately not. I like that one too. I just didn't think that it would appeal to too many others. Most people go for the colours, but this has something more. Good choice ;-)

Per Stromsjo said...

...and – most appropriately – this turns out to be our 600th photo on pixels. So, will there be a delicious cake again…? ;)

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