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winter in retreat

photo: Patrik Elgh
A touch of global warming by Djurgårdsbron
(The Djurgården Bridge) makes us all feel swell
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Snart kan man paddla loss på allvar igen!


Per Stromsjo said...

A touch of backlighting always grabs my attention

Marxe said...

I always enjoy your pics.
Now I can understand what you write!
I'm also glad you keep texts in both languages.

kris said...

i viewed the larger version ,so many things to see - marvellous!

Per Stromsjo said...

marxe: Saludos! I know you’ve been with us since the early days in 2005 and I appreciate your joining us from the other side of the planet. I hope you’ll be able to visit Stockholm one day. As you know we spent almost a year writing exclusively in Swedish but then we finally realized that surprisingly many people actually live outside Sweden and might prefer a different language… :) Actually we might decide to drop the Swedish texts one day; we already did this for our recently started sister blog plenty. Also, as you’ve probably guessed by the number of words and lines, we’re not writing exactly the same thing in both languages. Since most Swedes know English we try to add some detail or twist the text in a slightly different direction.

kris: I agree it’s a great picture by Patrik. I’m not sure he’s online this week so let me say thank you on his behalf. I hope we’ll be able to include other guest photographers in the future. We like to think that the mix of different perspectives brings additional value to this kind of photoblog.

Dsole said...

wow... is this lake iced? or it's oil in there? I really like the light at the bottom, really well captured!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

At first, I thought it was a hot spring or lava pool for spa treatment. But it turned out to be a half frozen pond.

Do you have those natural hot springs in Stockholm or anywhere in Sweden?

Per Stromsjo said...

Yup Ming, half frozen still. I think you’d have to go to Iceland to find the nearest natural hot springs. We do have a couple of entirely artificial hot springs but those are outside our nuclear power plants and that’s an entirely different story. The fish love them.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

More important question is: now big are the fish's teeth.

I've watched too many nuclear-monster movies. :-)

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