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This is a nice lantern. You can almost imagine a hundred years back when the guy goes around lighting them all with a long stick. Today it's of course electric light. It's in the inner yard of Hallwylska Museet, a museum filled with lots of interesting furniture and nice things. During summer you can also visit in the evenings, from some time in the middle of July, and listen to a little music from Vienna.
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En av innergårdslamporna på Hallwylska museet. På somrarna kan man ibland lyssna till wienermusik här också när Stockholms Operettensemble uppträder. Riktigt trevligt och kan varmt rekommenderas.


Kate said...

Since my stay here in Mazatlan, I have begun to notice street lights more. The old designs are superior!

Bernt Seipl said...

Maybe it's because the craftsmen those days took more pride in their stuff. It was more important to do a good work, than actually getting paid for everything ? I'm not sure, it's just my personal thoughts.

Per Stromsjo said...

I guess they needed to get paid as well but the pace was certainly different. Imagine being project leader for a major building (possibly a church) and knowing that even if you're blessed with a long and prosperous life you won't see it finished.

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