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here's to 25% helium

With an average effect of approximately 1,370 watts per
square meter the Sun makes our cold surroundings bearable.
On a cold winter day in Ursvik we tend to appreciate this
near-perfect sphere of gas at a distance of one Astronomical Unit.
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Här i Stora Ursvik ska det för övrigt bli
en massa bostäder och en ståtlig rondell


Z said...

Ah, an ode to the sun, albeit somewhat unconventional! BTW, I did understand your German, though I wondered if it was completely correct.

How do the four of you take turns at posting? It doesn't seem to go around equally.

Per Stromsjo said...

Depending on what other things might be going on in our respective lives we're not equally productive at any given point in time.

That's the advantage of being a quartet (with additional guests on the horizon). I don't think anyone of us would have wanted to (or been able to) produce something every day by himself.

But, to answer your question, for those of us with material pending it should be equal turns and you're right - it does take a bit of planning as we soon discovered after becoming officially "daily".

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