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to readers, guest photographers and co-authors, thanks for five exciting years of pixels !


guarding the King

Drafted kids guard the King and castle. And the girls just love it.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love the colors and sharpness of your photos. What camera do you use?

Per Stromsjo said...

Post number 100 on pixels for this year...

Charming! Love the contrast between the kids and the slightly stiff character in the background.

Peter Fristedt said...

Per: I'm glad we could have a Royal 100:th celebration.

Ming (tm): I use a Fujifilm FinePix S5000 and have done so for many years now. I find it a good camera. It is fairly quck, have a good zoom and the battery time is outstanding. Glad you like the shot!

Fred said...

Thank you for all the beautiful photos of my former home city! It was great to show the different faces of Sthlm to my friends down under with your help. Cheerio /

Peter Fristedt said...

Thanks Fred for stopping by and for your kind words. Please let us know if there are any particular places or faces you want to show off for your friend Down Under ;o)

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