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Our national stage is the Royal Dramatic Theatre
located by Nybroplan since 1908. See more?
Får man inte besök av kungen (han kanske är på kontoret)
kan man åtminstone kalla sig kunglig som tröst. Vi har varit här förr.


lynn said...

Superb shot and angle!

Bernt Seipl said...

Well done, Per!

Per Stromsjo said...

lynn, Bernt: Thanks. Took a while (and some crawling on the stairs in front of the theatre – much to the bewilderment of innocent bystanders) to find this angle. I was rather pleased when I got it.

Z said...

I like ir. I know the feeling you mention of finally getting a shot that you're pleased with after going through all sorts of contortions.

Z said...

That should have been "it" rather than "ir". I'm blaming my cat...

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