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24 hours

In Sweden we take 24 hour cruises to enjoy ourselves with booze, beer and maybe some dancing. This floating discotheque goes to tax-free heaven Åland and back. Next day we leave the ship with headache, tax-free liqour and arms like an orangutan.
Birka Paradise förbereds för ännu en 24-timmars kryssning


Ming_the_Merciless said...

HAHAHA!! Sounds like a great way to have fun. But I hear Swedes don't drink much.

In NYC, there are boats that go out to international waters so people can gamble casino style. It's illegal to have a casino in NYC.

Per Stromsjo said...

We have state-run casinos. Imagine the fun! ;)

Our alcohol-consumption is steadily increasing. What might set us apart from folks on the European continent is our inability to have alcohol integrated in everyday life. Here it’s all or nothing. Go wild on the weekend and stay sober during the weeks. Well, sort of. I wouldn’t know. My idea of wild and crazy is a glass of orange juice…

Gerald England said...

I didn't know about the tax-haven in Sweden.

This is reminiscent of the ships that sail from the south of England for the hypermarkets of Northern France.

They're usually referred to as "booze-cruises"

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha! I have only done that on one occasion. Very boring. I prefer 4 weeks in the greek archipelago.

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