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a house for the young ones

This is a house for the young ones in Rinkeby. Once again I don't know if it's built to keep them on the inside or preventing them from coming in. If I look at the bright side of life... at least they have a house of their own! On the inside you find a café, gym, dance halls, halls for girls only and conference rooms.
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Ungdomens hus i Rinkeby är inte så trist som det ser ut. Här finns bland annat kafé, gym, danslokaler, tjejlokaler, rum för föreläsningar mm. 1500 personer får plats samtidigt.
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Oya said...

Interesting settlement. I see, that you still have snow there. Istanbul was very nice and sunny today. Thanks for stopping by at Istanbul DP.

Per Stromsjo said...

Hi Oya. Actually we have a lot more snow today than we did when this picture was taken. Good to hear from you.

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