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a dog's life

The things you have to endure, just because your legs are short.
Having to travel in a bag - what's next ?
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Vilket hundliv man tvingas till - resa i en väska. Mina ben fungerar faktiskt....humpff.....


Anonymous said...

But he/she seems to be quite happy :)
We hope,that she/he is greatly loved.
Have a nice Sunday evening!

Bernt Seipl said...

He/she doesn't have much of an option, right ?

Oya said...

Ohh poor thing. But, I beleive, as long as they are with us, they are happy...So we are...

Per Stromsjo said...

I wouldn't worry too much, those with four legs are often at least as smart as we are. The guy (?) in the bag is the winner. He doesn't have to walk and can spend his time observing the rest of the world including strange photographers approaching... :)

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