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Bella Notte by Birger Jarl

photo: Patrik Elgh
Birger Magnusson was a busy guy. He led a crusade to Finland,
established trade with Lübeck and waged war in his spare time.
He advanced the rule of law and founded the city Stockholm in 1252.
Today he is known as Birger Jarl and this street is named after him.
Birger kanske skulle gillat en kvällspromenad från Stureplan. Vi får aldrig veta.


Per Stromsjo said...

Another good one, Patrik.

I like the ghost resembling figures passing by...

Patrik Elgh said...

Tackar, jag har legat lite lågt ett tag, har haft så mkt att göra men snart kommer det fler bilder/ p

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