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Waiter! Can I have the menu, please....?

Well, the table is set. Just waiting for the guests to arrive. This table
will be a bit hard to wait on though. It will probably stand empty most
of the time. It's situated on the Central Station of Stockholm, and is
part of a competition to get people to spend 5 minutes longer (I did)
and spending a little more money (of course).
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Berghs School of communication och Jernhusen i en gemensam
ansträngning att få folk att stanna till lite längre på Centralen.
De lyckades med mig i alla fall.
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Per Stromsjo said...

I dessa oväderstider har ju vissa fått stanna *väldigt* länge på Centralen. Men då har de ju för all del något att kolla på.

Peter Fristedt said...

Vilken kul grej!

Z said...

Hey, makes me think of the concept -- though there you do get served, heh!

z with greetings from CH

Bernt Seipl said...

I guess they could have served you at this table too... the concept of being seated at a table hanging from a crane seems interesting. You better not drop anything :-)

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